October 23, 2017

Alexandra is part of the Foundation Luker team. She decided to move to Necoclí and focus exclusively on applying that the educational model “Escuela Nueva”. This model is specifically designed for kids that live in rural areas, since they face day-to-day conditions that represent a big obstacle for their education and need a different approach.

Before joining Foundation Luker, Alexandra worked as a coordinator for community organizing projects in Manizales, Colombia. Nowadays, she’s the one in charge of orchestrating all actions needed for the improvement of education in schools that fall under the cocoa project’s influence zone, which are Caribia, Buenos Aires, Limoncillo and Alto Carito.

She has allowed The Chocolate Dream to have an understanding on how to focus our efforts towards educational conditions needed by kids. She has proven that it is possible to apply a model that raises awareness among kids about the importance of their education.

Additionally to her work on education, Alexandra -or Alexa, as we kindly call her- supports activities to improve water and mobility conditions in schools, to know communities closely and she coordinates productive alliances within the cocoa project.

Alexandra is the bridge of communication between kids, parents, diverse communities and us.