October 23, 2017

País Solidario, conformed by the anthropologist Alexander Bances, social worker Nelsy Cabrera, lawyer Guillermo Valderrama, psychologist Rosita Peña, engineers Liliana Martínez and Jhancir Poveda, came to The Chocolate Dream to help us understand the possible reach of the project in terms of agricultural and social impact, by applying their knowledge and experience in social science research.

Thanks to these members of País Solidario, we’ve been able to have a close rapport to the farmers that work on the cocoa project, the ethnic communities near the farm which mostly inhabit Caribia, the biggest settlement in the vicinity. This corporation is made up by professionals from all areas of knowledge since it’s intended to understand and provide consultancy on projects social, economic, environmental and cultural topics. Their main goal is to build up strong and sustainable communities, promote responsible citizenship, productive entrepreneurship and peace environments.

They have traveled all 32 departments in Colombia, helping projects in more than 250 towns, training more than 5.000 people in more than 10.000 hours of work. This considerable amount of fieldwork experience has allowed them to give us important insights on what difficulties and advantages rural inhabitants face within and in the vicinity of the cocoa forest.

Due to their immense devotion and the assertive perspective they have given us, we know we will keep working side by side with País Solidario and we deeply appreciate their collaborative spirit.