October 23, 2017

Hector, or “audio boy” as he refers to himself, arrived in Necocli to aid Alejandro recording direct audio. His mission was to capture high fidelity audio for the documentary film that Alejandro was directing, all the while creating distinct soundscape tracks for The Chocolate Dream.

Hector introduced us to the concept soundscapes: he would stand up early and capture audio in real time of the different aural environments within the cocoa forest. These soundscape tracks represent different times of day and various spots in those 550 ha of cocoa crops.  

In actuality he performs with a couple of music bands as keyboardist. These include Aldo Zolev, which has recently accepted to Jazz al Parque, Bogotá, and he toured with them through Argentina. What’s more, he is part of the music collective Matik-Matik, which specializes in experimental music and multimedia installations. He also freelances for several lighting departments and a sound designer in Bogotá’s theater scene.  

One could say Hector has many facets, and thanks to his experience The Chocolate Dream has broaden its scope. With his support we have learned to value the sounds of nature.