Necocli is a municipality of the Antioquia state in Colombia, with approximately 64,000 inhabitants, of which 70% lives in countryside. Many ethnic groups call it home and it hosts a wide variety of cultural practices. There are two indigenous reservations in the vicinity: Caimán Nuevo belongs to the Kuna and the El Volao belongs to Zenu ethnic group. 


Necocli has enormous potential as a tourist destination for its ecological, cultural, natural, and adventure attractions. It is also an ideal place for bird sighting, since it is a very active migration corridor.


In addition to being located in one of Colombia’s most biodiverse regions, it is said that it was in Necocli where the Spanish “devised the fate” of the newly discovered continent. This is due to the fact that their first settlement in mainland South America had its place in San Sebastian de Uraba, which is only 5 km away from Necoclí city’s center.

Farm El Rosario used to be cattle farm with very few trees per hectare and employed some 5 locals. It is now Colombia’s largest Fino de Aroma cocoa farm designed with an agroforestry system with 600,000 newly planted trees. In it are employed more than 150 local up to date.


This agroforestry system is composed of three different crops: cacao, melina, and plantain. Thanks to the fact that it is now populated with thousands of trees, animal species are returning and migrating to make this farm their habitat. 

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